Zazen: Half Lotus

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  • JoJorn
    This is the way that the buddhas and patriarchs sit when they do zazen. You may sit in either the half-lotus or the full-lotus position. When you sit in the full-lotus position, put your right foot on your left thigh, and put your left foot on your right thigh. The line of your .
  • Faugore
    Hankafuza (half-lotus) Burmese (a cross-legged posture in which the ankles are placed together in front of the sitter) Seiza (a kneeling posture using a bench or zafu).
  • Zolojin
    Jul 08,  · Traditionally, zazen is done cross-legged in either a Kekkafuza (full lotus) or Hankafuza (half lotus) posture. I could only force my legs into a half lotus, but I found it was too painful to maintain, so I went ahead and sat cross legged. The hands should be in .
  • Kagadal
    Jul 17,  · The legs, either in a full- or half-lotus position (or as close as you can reasonably get), are like the roots of water lily, grounded in the earth, settled in the muck of this life.
  • Faezil
    Zazen or sitting meditation is the primary focus of Soto Zen and the Iowa City Zen Center. Please watch this excellent video on zazen (sitting meditation) Do not worry if you cannot sit in lotus position, as noted in the video you can sit on a chair or other positions that you find more comfortable on cushions on the floor. Arrive ten minutes early to get basic zazen instruction.
  • Kir
    The legs are placed in either lotus, half lotus, or another of the positions pictured below. The correct position of the pelvic bone and the ideal sized zafu allows the spinal cord the space to stretch toward the sky without causing detrimental tension in the back and .
  • Maujinn
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  • Faejas
    There are five basic sitting positions from which to choose: the full lotus, the half-lotus, the Burmese, and seiza, or kneeling. You may also use a chair. The essential point is to find a position which you can maintain. Most of us can tolerate some minor discomfort, but if a particular position is unduly painful, find another one that isn’t.
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