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  • Maull
    The community liaison is a personal contact for an organization’s clients or customers. They help orient people with new programs. For example, community liaisons in schools might make phone calls and home visits to students and families. In other settings, they meet clients individually and offer them advice or provide referrals to services.
  • Vogor
    liaison noun (LINK BETWEEN) [ S or U ] communication between people or groups who work with each other: He blamed the lack of liaison between the various government departments.
  • Kigashicage
    liaison Employ the French-sounding word liaison to refer to a relationship, a link between people or groups who aids communication. There are two main definitions for liaison that stem from Old French .
  • Mijora
    Aug 02,  · How much does a Liaison make? The national average salary for a Liaison is $59, in United States. Filter by location to see Liaison salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 1, salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Liaison employees.
  • Tokazahn
    noun 1. contact, communication, connection, interchange Liaison between the police and the art world is vital to combat art crime. 2. intermediary, contact, hook-up, go-between She acts as a liaison between patients and staff.
  • Goltishakar
    liaison definition: Liaison is defined as someone who links people. (noun) An example of a liaison is an ambassador who communicates between two countries politically.
  • Dotaur
    What does liaise mean? To liaise means “to form a liaison,” that is, “to communicate and maintain contact with another person or organization.” In other words, liaising is like acting as the contact person between two groups, such as between parents and teachers. Contrary to popular complaints, liaise .
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